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At our school each teacher puts out a bulletin board for students to display their work in the halls. At the start of the year the bulletin boards look empty because there is no work to show. I wanted to put something up but couldn't decide what to do...until I had an idea!

I love QR codes. They are like virtual bookmarks or shortcuts and can direct users to a particular website you want them to visit. So I found a website that generates QR codes for free (see the address up top) and then came up with a few websites that I thought parents would want to visit.

I think this will be especially useful during our meet the teacher night. That is an informal, come and go setting with people flowing in and out of the classrooms talking to us and looking around. I'm hoping the QR codes will give visitors something to do while they wait to look around. is a website that allows you to make short videos for free. There are a few choices you can make to customize the video to make it more attractive to your viewers. This is a quick video I made for the kids for a review. Sometimes if you present material in a different way it makes the kids tune in and really pay attention.

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At the start of school it's important to get to know you as a person, but also as a reader. What kind of reader are you? What books interest you the most? Do you have a favorite author or illustrator? Is there a certain "type" or genre of book that hooks you every time? Where do you like to read? When do you like to read?

Last year I had my students think about the kind of reader they were and create a speaking avatar at to share this information. They had a blast!! Voki is simple to use (and free!) and a great exercise in spelling and conventions since it reads exactly what the student types - those run on sentences really stick out when the voice reads the text aloud! The kids wrote down what they wanted the avatar to say and then we went to the computer lab to create the avatar (there are a few choices) and type in the text. Most students were able to successfully complete this within 45 minutes to an hour.

Here is the sample avatar I made for myself. Many of the kids wanted to visit the website at home on their own!


  1. I am enjoying your blog very much. I'm curious about the QR codes. You say they take parents to websites and in the posted note it says the codes will tell them more about you class. Are they your websites? Please tell me more. I think this is an idea I'd like to try next year.

    1. The codes take parents to certain places on my website (like the daily schedule, for example) but also to other important "start of the year" websites, like the website that has a lunch menu to download or another site that lets parents find out where the bus stop is and when it picks up kids. QR codes are super easy and will impress your parents (and principal!).